Global Dental Market is growing

Global Dental Market is growing due to Consumer Alertness of Oral Healthcare

Global Dentistry is in a period of revolution. The people is aging and becoming more diverse. The health care delivery system is changing quickly with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. End user habits are shifting with seeking greater value from their spending and gradually more relying on technology. The oral disease and the financing of dental care are in a state of flux.

Global Dental Market relies on US$ 60 Billion industry

This report is based on an inclusive literature review and key informant interviews with numerous dental organizations. Renub Research expects that by the year 2024, Global Dental Market relies on US$ 60 Billion industry. Furthermore, factors like changing lifestyles, rising geriatric population, increasing incidences of dental caries and other periodontal diseases, rising demand for cosmetic dentistry, and increased public and private health care expenditure are steadily driving the dental care market.

The conventional make‐up of the global population will shift dramatically over the coming years shifting the nature of dental consumers. The young age groups are gradually more diverse while the elderly will continue to be primarily more effective. Dental Consumables are a kind of products that are used on patients by dental professional or practitioners in order to perform and treat procedures associated with restorative, preventive, emergency oral health issues and diagnostics.

Demand & Supply Hurdles

The market developments yield challenges for manufacturers of dental products, which require adaptations, as well as in their marketing and sales approaches. From the supply point of view i.e. managing wholesalers as well as differentiating the wholesalers. And from the demand point of view managing the consumers and to tackles the consumers need.


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